Spring is a great time to go to Bermuda. It is an easy 90-minute flight from Boston or New York City. Bermuda’s climate is like spring in our southern states (very early spring by Boston standards). How can Bermuda be so warm when it is in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean? The sea, sand, and coral colors around the island make one think of the Caribbean Sea. Have you ever seen pink sand?


Bermuda is just charming. All the homes have white roofs, which catch the water for their wells. Where else can you see men with a jacket and tie, briefcase and Bermuda shorts?


Here are some pictures from Cindy Sheriff’s and Martin Deacutis’s Bermuda holiday in 2002. We see the Sonesta Hotel and the Henry VIII (a restaurant), Horseshoe Bay, Gibbs Light, and Hamilton.  Cindy and Martin tell us that these shots were taken with a Kodak DC280 digital camera.

Bermuda has a great variety of hotels and cottages. There are only a few larger, full service hotels. My favorite is the Sonesta, for its combination of location, facilities, and price. It has large beaches, tennis courts, a scuba shop, full spa facilities, several restaurants, and easy access to golf and town.

The "cottage" style of hotel actually began in Bermuda. These are low-rise units of a few hotel rooms and or suites in clusters. They make for a more intimate feeling than larger hotels. Some of the cottages provide elaborate service and restaurants, while others are more casual and modest in price. Bermuda has a budget and style for everyone.

There are some great package vacations offered by many of the hotels this season. Call soon!


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