Harriet Ahouse

What is your dream holiday?  Do you need to relax in a luxury warm weather resort, enjoying the amenities?  Or do you prefer to stimulate your senses exploring a culture, tasting its foods and seeing its antiquities?  A trip that encompasses a bit of both may be right for you.  

My goal as a travel advisor is working with you to design your dream holiday and bring it to life.  Check out my blog and testimonials to learn how others have experienced my services.  Then call or email me to start planning!

Having traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Europe, I have first hand knowledge to offer.  My strength is that I listen and know the questions to ask that will stimulate your ideas and help you reach decisions.

On the European scene I offer traditional and personalized travel itineraries - Italy, France,  and England are some of my favorite places.  As a Virtuoso Agent, I can tap into extensive resources to enhance my knowledge to develop individual itineraries and offer enticing amenities.  In addition, I have experienced colleagues who have traveled the world, and we support each other.  

For thirty-four years I have been working with busy, successful curious people who want to find joy in their life journey through the art of unique travel experiences.      



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