The Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula--Cancun is America in Mexico. This Mexican destination was designed and built with the American tourist market in mind. The hotels meet American standards and then some. Most hotels are very large and offer all the luxury amenities. The water is safe (though I never recommend drinking local water in any foreign country). The hotels on the beach strip are on the water side of the road only. The city hotels are a bit more local and Mexican in 

character. All the hotels provide easy access to shopping and nightlife, of which there is lots.
Excursions to the neighboring Mayan ruins are a must. Coba Tulum is just south along the coast, and an easy drive for the day. Tulum was built as a summer palace for the Mayan leaders. Further inland are several more large Mayan sites. The largest is Chichen Itza (nicknamed "chicken pizza"). Bring your bathing suits, as the beaches are white and beautiful. They are great for snorkeling too! This is a long day drive, but well worth your time! The pictures you see here were taken by my friend Kelly Hancock, of Irvine, California, who was visiting many of the same sites I was.

During my latest trip to Yucatan, I took a day trip to "Isla Mujeres"--so named because the wind on the island sounded like women crying for their fisher-men- folk lost at sea. This small island off the coast shows the way Mexico used to be before the big developers came along. It is very charming, with lots of color--but not very much money.

Does anyone have any idea what these are? They look a bit ominous. If you know, please drop me a line and enlighten me.

On the whole I think I prefer Mexico's less sinister life forms!

And of course there are the friendly life forms of Club Med, Cancun--like my friend the "GO" ("Gracious Organizer") entertaining around the pool here.

On this trip I stayed at Cancun, Club Med--a nostalgic visit for me because I'd stayed there on my very first trip to the Caribbean, before I became a travel agent--even before I learned to scuba dive! It was at this very Club Med, in fact, that my roommate--a complete stranger--suggested that I become a travel agent!

And it was here that I took my first scuba diving class. As it turns out, some of the best snorkeling I've have done has been off the coral beach. 

I'm glad to report that Cancun, Club Med is still a great place to visit-- 

And to relax in!



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