More Rome

For the first time I'm using thumbnails on this page, because some of the photographs are very large.  I don't want you to lose the details--so much needs to be seen close up--but I also don't want the page to take forever to load.  So simply click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size picture!

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LongPlaza-1.jpg (41637 bytes)

LongPlaza-2.jpg (36352 bytes)

LongPillar-1.jpg (206188 bytes) Forum-4.jpg (119854 bytes) Forum-2.jpg (97172 bytes) Colosseum-3.jpg (119097 bytes) LongForum-2.jpg (214943 bytes)
TowerandLamp.jpg (51776 bytes) OrnateMasonry-1.jpg (37908 bytes) PaintedCourt-2.jpg (47990 bytes) Circle-1.jpg (24331 bytes)
Bust-1.jpg (109532 bytes) LampandWindow.jpg (136770 bytes) HornedMoses1.jpg (348313 bytes) PinesofRome-1.JPG (29552 bytes) Pillars-3.jpg (106453 bytes)


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