La Fenice, Positano, Italy

A perfect little place . . . La Fenice, in Positano, Italy, just south of Naples on the Amalfi coast, is a wonderful small hillside hotel.  Words can add little to the beauty and charm of the pictures.   They say it all.

The facilities are minimal and very charming.  I first found La Fenice via a friend who travels to Italy often.   And now my clients love it!  The couple who took these pictures became engaged here last year and are planning to celebrate their wedding here!

A word of warning: La Fenice is only for the healthy with strong legs. There are many, many steps from the road to each room and back.  And more steps to the beach below. As one can quickly see from the photographs, this property is on a steep hillside looking out toward the Mediterranean Sea.

La Fenice is the best of best kept secrets! 

Photos by Michelle Salas and Robert Whalen




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