Hawaii, a wonderful holiday. There are so many parts to Hawaii from several islands to many activities. Each island has unique landscapes and environments. There is hiking, biking, diving, photographing, whale watching and relaxing.

The food is very international with lots of Asian touch. One can eat Veggie for a week on gourmet food, the freshest of fish and delightful drinks or deserts. There are the best of restaurants and local hangout with friendly service.

The beaches are everywhere. Not just the famous ones with huge waves but small state parks every few miles along the coast on all the islands. Since the weather is warm all year, picnicking is a favorite past time in Hawaii. Houses are small so getting outside to eat helps a lot.

We all know about music and dance specific to the island culture. One can hear and watch most any place.

The nature environs are very unique with volcanos and rainforest to explore. The state protects its natural resources with state parks. Some of the volcanos are national parks. It is important to read about the volcanos and their weather before venturing up them.

There is history with the Pearl Harbor Museum, Polynesian Cultural Center, and Doris Dukes home Shangri-La to name a few.

Of course one of the best parts of Hawaii are the resorts and accomodations. Many have spas. There is something of every budget.

A car rental is an almost must to explore the islands. And a convertible is most fun to have unobstructed views.

Photographs from Culture Trip and Lori Ahouse.

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