Egypt in the summer: 100 degrees plus, yet magnificent all year round.

Egypt: can you imagine visiting seven centuries in one day?  It was eight years ago I visited Egypt, yet I can still visualize the Sphinx and the three Pyramids of Giza.  Sitting there listening



to the languages of the world knowing this was a once in a lifetime experience. Worried about the air pollution destroying the outer layers of the pyramids, I sat for an hour just remembering.

Cairo, a huge modern city, filled with the past.  Some of the wonders include the mosques everywhere.

The tile mosaics patterns are most different than western architecture. The old city bazaar is a shopping and eating experience like no other.

Nile River cruising is a must. Along the Nile, the tombs spoke to me as the hieroglyphics were translated. The Valley of the Kings to Abu Simbel provided centuries 

of stories. Seeing the sharp contrast of the desert coming right up to the Nile River on one side and men in white galabeas farming with oxen on the other was overwhelming.

Egypt is an all year round destination. The winter can be much cooler and damper, while the summer is very hot. November is great.


The Red Sea offers some of the best scuba diving in the world.  The summer's warm currents provide lots of algae for schools of fish.


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