Small Boutique Islands in the Caribbean

GRENADA, southernmost of the Caribbean Islands, is home to a wonderful small resort called Calabash. Situated on an inlet beach protected from the rough waves of the sea, Calabash boasts thirty sea/garden view suites, each with a balcony or terrace and a sitting room.

A day at Calabash starts in a leisurely way, with breakfast served on your balcony or terrace.

The open air restaurant, with its UK chef, Gary Rhodes, is another of Calabash’s attractions. Like him, you can buy the famous local spices in the island’s open air market! 

Because Grenada lies below the traditional hurricane path, the island rarely gets them—though in 2004 Ivan did a great deal of damage.  Many roof tops destroyed in that storm are still not rebuilt.    


YOUNG ISLAND Resort comprises its own entire island, next to St. Vincent, and it is a hillside gem!  The flora here are amongst the most colorful in the Caribbean.  Young Island Resort’s rooms are individual hillside cabins with balconies overlooking magnificent views of the sea.  A few deluxe suites along the beach boast their own private plunge pools. 

The cabins have shutters on three sides allowing the sea breeze to blow through.  A ceiling fan is all that is needed to cool a room during the summer.  The outdoor showers are just plain fun.  Their thatched roof cabana restaurant is known for its loaves of daily-baked fresh bread served on a long board.

ANTIGUA has several small, upscale boutique resorts.  Serviced by daily nonstop flights from England, the island has a large English clientele—which lends a distinctly British cast to the island’s personality!  For instance, Antigua has a Lord Nelson historic harbor and museum!

Antigua’s Carlisle Bay is very new (2003), on a very long beach with many palm trees.  There are children-only and adults-only areas along the beach, providing settings for both families and couples to enjoy the resort’s sand.  Carlisle Bay’s rooms are large with sitting areas and terraces or balconies.  Most rooms are along the beach.  The open air restaurant is casual and comfortable, and a second restaurant provides Asian cuisine.

Curtain Bluff, also on Antigua, has rooms and suites scattered along a bluff from water’s edge to high on the bluff.  On top of the bluff the owner, Howard Hulford, has a large house with an unparalleled view, which is available for functions.

Curtain Bluff’s restaurant is open air and has one of the most highly regarded wine cellars in the Caribbean, boasting over 25,000 bottles.  Curtain Bluff has two beaches: one wavy (see the photo in the "Antigua" logo above!) and one very calm.  Most of the families are on the calm beach or at the secluded pool.  Rates here include all meals, all bar drinks, and a list of non-motorized sports.

Blue Waters, also on Antigua, has a variety of rooms and suites, most with unobstructed views of the sea.  Their small gazebo is ideal for weddings.  There is an air-conditioned, elegant restaurant for dinner and two casual eating settings, set in the open air or under the sky.  Blue Waters is a wonderful family resort!


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