The best way to see Amsterdam is with Jonís Fietstaxi! He has a pedicab as we know it, they call it a rickshaws from all the Dutch international travels. Many of these pictures are self-evident. We all know Amsterdam for its canal and architecture. Here are a few.

Amsterdam is very proud of its sea faring heritage. There are ships and museums on their history everywhere.

Amsterdam also has many museums, two are the famous Rijksmuseum and next door the Van Gogh. The Rijksmuseum is filled with Rembrandts!! Never can to much of them!! The Night Watch is there but it was under restoration, so the picture is not good. Do you know why it is called the Night Watch? It had been stored in the basement for many years and was very dirty and dark. So, it was thought to be nighttime. Once cleaned the beauty was observed. There is much subtlety about the picture and well worth the guide.

The famous windmill is by Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel

Next door is the beloved Van Gogh Museum with the famous Sunflowers! There are lots of gifts to purchase with the flowers!

Because of time I made the mistake of doing both museums in one day. Not a good idea.

One of the most memorable and expensive meals I have ever enjoyed was at Bridges. I ate in the Kitchen. What a joy to watch meals in a Michelin Star restaurant being prepared. I was the only guest and had much attention!

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